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Poster: Monte B Cowboy Date: Feb 20, 2013 8:25am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 2-24-71 Dance Party at the Capitol Theater in Portchester, NY

To Whom It May Concern...

What if, for example, Lambert and Gans -- and Rhino and Lemieux -- hosted and/or "better managed" a tour doing this stuff. What if "the band" was Terrapin Flyer with Tom Constanten and John Zias?

GD fans recommend John Zias

reveiw of Terrapin Flyer's Aug 8, 2012 show, by Yossarian08

See these guys if you get the chance. Nice! I saw these guys with TC, the 3 Cornmeal guys and John Zias last night and they KILLED it. Completely exceeded my expectations. ...these guys are really bringin' it now.

Review of Terrapin Flyer with Tom Constanten at Diamond Pub in Louisville on Aug 9, 2012

Tom Constanten played keyboards with the Grateful Dead during their peak of intensity, 1968-70. He was the special guest of Terrapin Flyer, on August 9 – the anniversary of Jerry Garcia's untimely death in 1995 – at Diamond Pub Concert Hall, the site of the old Jillian's. The band also included guitarist John Zias, who clearly was inspired by, but not a clone of Garcia. Apparently Constanten has had some health issues, but when the group finally began a little after 11, he seemed right at home. The 80-minute first set included the relatively rare "Mountains of the Moon," a delicate piece, which transformed into a roiling jam which, in turn, led to the treat of an exploratory "Dark Star," the Dead's magnum opus. The band played with feeling and a spirit which evoked the good old days. As it was a work night, I left before the second set, but was glad to catch this band on a good night.

"The Show" I'm thinking about, like the one noted at Capitol Theater, could go something like this...

Set 1
Lambert and/or Gans and/or Lemieux chat and play a few tracks

Set 2
Terrapin Flyer set

Set 3
Charlie Miller and/or Lambert and/or Gans and/or Lemieux interview a few old Tapers,
TC and Zias join the discussion,
a few tracks are played,
then suggestions for Set 4 are taken from the audience

Set 4 is played

this silent message is brought to you by "the promoters" at The Archive (photo taken Sept 18, 2012)

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Poster: Monte B Cowboy Date: Feb 20, 2013 9:31am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 2-24-71 Dance Party at the Capitol Theater in Portchester, NY

Re: Marijuana Tourism in Colorado and "this show"...
Pot Tourism In Colorado OK'd By Marijuana Task Force


DENVER -- Marijuana tourism is on the way to Colorado, under a recommendation made February 19, 2013 by a state task force to regulate the drug made legal by voters last year.

But Colorado should erect signs in airports and borders telling visitors they can't take pot home, the task force recommended.

Colorado's marijuana task force was assembled to suggest regulations for pot after voters chose to flout federal drug law and allow its use without a doctor's recommendation. Made up of lawmakers, law enforcement authorities and marijuana activists, the task force agreed on Februrary 19, 2013 that the constitutional amendment on marijuana simply says that adults over 21 can use the drug, not just Colorado residents. If lawmakers agree with the recommendation, tourists would be free to buy and smoke marijuana.

"Imposing a residency requirement would almost certainly create a black market for recreational marijuana in the state," said Rep. Dan Pabon, a Denver Democrat who sits on the task force.

Tourists could see purchasing caps though, possibly as low as an eighth of an ounce per transaction.

Afraid that marijuana tourism could open the door for traffickers to load up and take it across state borders for illegal sale, task force members agreed that non-residents should be able to buy only limited amounts, though a specific amount wasn't set.

"Marijuana purchased in Colorado must stay in Colorado," Pabon warned.

(I could help promote this)